Stephan Bader Standard Centerless Grinder / Polisher

Stephan Bader Standard Centerless Grinder / Polisher

Condition: Very Good

Stock Number: 3184

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Preliminary Specifications 
Contact Wheel Diameter12"
Contact Wheel Widtth, Maximum3"
Motor 230/460/3/605 or 7.5 HP
Belt Speeds1500 - 9000 SFPM
Floor Dimensions (HxWxD)66" x 20" x 73"
Weight650 lbs

Equipped With:
Machine Features:

Parts from 3/16" to 12" OD and up to 300# max weight can be polished
5 and 7 HP versions
Parts are fed through machine automatically by a regulating wheel
A single handle controls feed direction and speed
The same handle controls contact with part and abrasive belt
Quick change of belts and contact wheels allows maximum flexibility
Belts run at a constant speed regardless of contact wheel diameter
Drive pulleys available to yield belt speed from 1500 to 9000SFPM
Removal of the centerless attachment leaves a full featured Bader Space Saver for use in off-hand applications


Stephan Bader Standard Centerless Grinder / Polisher
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